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About us

We make the most innovative & fair chocolate, that is so delicious, you simply don't want to share it. Except with yourself of course ;-)

Hands Off My Chocolate was founded in 2013 by our Founder & True Chocolate Lover Kitty. From the beginning, she has empowered women to choose for themselves. Whether it's the African women from our cocoa communities, who we support in becoming (financially) independent through our programs in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Or you as chocolate lover, who we encourage to choose for themselves as well. Starting with your chocolate, by saying "Hey! Hands Off My Chocolate, I'm keeping this chocolate all to myself!".


The first bar made of rounds

We always try to surprise you with our innovative chocolate. Our chocolate bar made of round pieces, is the only bar like this in the world. Because of this unique shape, every piece is easy to break of and fits your mouth perfectly. Because your mouth is also round. 

Innovative flavors

We create no standard flavors. Cookie Dough, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake... All our flavors are innovative and special, but at the same time recognizable and accessible and most of all: truly delicious. 


With our vegan range, we created a whole new level of innovativeness. We are the first chocolate brand that placed vegan (milk)chocolate on the regular chocolate shelves. There you find, between all the milk chocolate bars, our vegan bars, hich are just as delicious (even better according to our test panel of over 100 choco-lovers), in the most popular flavors. Have you tried our vegan caramel seasalt yet? With this bar, we give you a just as delicious and more sustainable alternative to the popular flavor and for the same price. 


Women empowerment

There is still much inequality between men and women in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Female cocoa farmers are vastly in the minority. We think it is important that we give women a voice and increase their self-confidence and independence. Thanks to our programme, women are taught smart farming practices and financial management. They learn to grow cocoa and other crops on their own land. Thanks to these training courses and the income from their farms, women can become financially independent and take better care of their families.

Traceable cocoa liquor

The cocoa mass in our regular chocolate bars is completely traceable. Through the Cocoa Horizons program, our beans are directly bought at seven cooperations in the Ivory Coast and Ghana. The beans are kept separately from the farmer until the end station. Because of this, we know exactly which farmers we cooperate with and what progress we make at these communities through the Cocoa Horizons program. Would you like to know more? Check our page on fair chocolate.

Too delicious to share

Only the most delicious chocolate

If we want to help you keep your chocolate all to yourself, then one thing is of course very important: that it's so delicious, you simply do not want to share it. When we started our business, we melted over 800 chocolate bars and tested them against our own chocolate to see what people love the most. Simply because we wanted to make sure that our chocolate is the most delicious you will ever find. 

Our chocolate was tested best and thus our mission was accomplished... for a while! Because our search for the most delicious flavors continues. We work hard to create more and more super delicious flavors for you. So that you can keep on saying "Hands Off My Chocolate!" and keep your chocolate to yourself. And yes, we eat chocolate every day whilst doing this.