Order chocolate that is soooo delicious and at the same time lower your climate footprint? It’s possible in our chocolate shop! Chocolate with coffee, after a workout or nice and cozy on the couch. There are plenty of times when you can melt away with our plant-based chocolate.

I Want It All! Package

€26,99(€24,76 excl VAT)26,99

Sintletter Caramel Seasalt

€3,49(€3,20 excl VAT)3,49

Sintletter Cocoa Cookie

€3,49(€3,20 excl VAT)3,49

Sintletter Seriously Dark

€3,49(€3,20 excl VAT)3,49

Hands Off My Favorites

€23,30(€21,38 excl VAT)23,30