We looooove chocolate

But chocolate only really tastes great if you know that your choco cravings contribute less to the warming up of our planet. That is why we fight for chocolate that does not melt the earth. We make the most delicious plant-based chocolate and work with cocoa farmers to combat deforestation.

Hands off my chocolate, hands off our planet.

We all love it, but did you know that most milk chocolate emits more CO2e than chicken meat and almost as much as pork? We think that is CHOC-ing, so we’ve decided to fight for chocolate that doesn’t melt the earth. By replacing cow’s milk for rice milk, the CO2e emissions of our vegan chocolate bars are more than 40% less than (cow’s) milk chocolate in the supermarket.


We eat an average of 4.5 kilos of chocolate per person in the Netherlands! What if we all switched to plant-based chocolate? We have calculated it for you. If you were to eat 4.5 kilos of vegan Caramel Seasalt (instead of one with cow’s milk) in a year, you would save 11.7 kilos of CO2e! That equates to…

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Shower for 9 minutes (shower for 9 minutes every day for half a year)

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Chicken fillets of 125 grams (eat chicken every day for 4 weeks)

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Pieces of pork of 125 grams (eat pork every day for 2 weeks)

100% taste,
100% plant-based

And… to make plant-based chocolate just as delicious as a cow’s milk alternative, we have developed a secret recipe! Tip of the veil? To make your choco cravings just as delicious, we add extra hazelnut praliné for an extra rich taste and a creamy structure.

Oh and yes, we always have our products tested extensively so that we know for sure that our chocolate is super delicious. Would you also like to test our chocolates? Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page and stay informed of the latest choco news!

Choco CO2e impact meter

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Since our first vegan bar in 2021, we have already saved a lot of kg CO2e…

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…and you can drive quite a few kilometers from that!

Hands off our planet

To secure the future of our planet (and chocolate!), the CO2e emissions of our chocolate (and the rest of the food industry!) must be reduced considerably. By switching to 100% plant-based chocolate, we are already well on our way and have been able to reduce the CO2e emissions of our products by up to 42% compared to an average cow’s milk chocolate bar. To further reduce our emissions, we also need to better map our cocoa chain and eliminate deforestation. We also have to scrutinize all our other ingredients and processes and reduce CO2e emissions as much as possible.



We believe plant-based chocolate can be just as delicious as milk chocolate. That is why we have switched to 100% plant-based chocolate. We also call on other chocolate makers to follow us.


In addition to cow’s milk, cocoa also has a major impact on CO2e emissions. This is due to deforestation. Our goal is to source traceable cocoa by the end of 2023. This way we can provide insight into our chain and prevent deforestation.


The CO2e emissions of the entire food industry must be reduced. We challenge the industry to be open about their emissions. And of course we are scrutinizing our own figures to reduce even further and to compensate only the last bit.